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    Default heel pain

    I have a question. I am having excruciating heel pain the last 2 weeks after I did a 7 mile hike. I know it's because I hike a lot. I really don't want to take an extended "time off from hiking " because I truly love hiking. Researching online makes me feel that it's plantar fasciitis. Can anyone give me any suggestions on getting rid of this heel pain? My hiking boots are good quality (asolo) . Research online gives a few ideas like a heel insert but I am not sure if this is a "give me your money" type of scenario. I appreciate any suggestions. thanks dbcooperisalive

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    I have two suggestions for you...!

    1. steroid injection in your will not be able to walk the next day but, it should help for about 6-12 months. Injection by a Podiatrist (only)
    2. ice it up!! put ice in a bucket and put your foot all the way in (The Celtics do it all the time) or roll frozen bottles of water under you foot every night.

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    A hiking friend of mine has the same issue, and his is plantar fasciitis, though in the arch. I do believe he got the shot and heel inserts from a Podiatrist, and hasn't had issues since.

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