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Thread: Anybody for a Trail Worker's story?...anyone?.....

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    Default Anybody for a Trail Worker's story?...anyone?.....

    As so many of you know, trail work is my passion. Each year I write an essay/story about trail work, sometimes for essay contests, but more often just as an appeal to let people know the task before us as trail workers. I guess a nice thrill is that in some cases they have been printed or posted on local papers or newsletters back home where I grew up. This year I submitted the essay also to Philip Werner as a guest essay for the site "" and am greatly honored that he would post it on his site as of today.

    While it weaves a story along with an appeal, I also think many will find it interesting due to the fact that I was allowed by the AMC to incorporate data from the annual North Country Trail Volunteer Program Annual Report.

    So if you are already a volunteer trail worker, you will hopefully be familiar with many of the sentiments involved, and if you are thinking of being a trail volunteer, perhaps it will add a bit of steam to your train.

    The whole story can be found here (Philip was nice enough to incorporate some pictures too):
    "LIVE FREE OR DIE...DEATH IS NOT THE WORST OF ALL EVILS." Gen. John Stark. "by reason of much foule weather and Extreme Bad Woods to travel in..." From the letter of my Great Uncle, Samuel Willard (accompanied by my grandfather Henry), to Governor Dummer on August 16, 1725, explaining the reason for his return, being instructed to "range all the country", of the Wawobadenik (White Mountains) July 19-August 16, 1725. I am a 13th generation New Englander and proud of it.

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    Beautiful, FisherCat. Your idealism and dedication really communicate themselves. I still miss my section of the Carter-Moriah trail between Mt. Surprise and Mt. Moriah. The blueberries must be ripe around right now.

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    That was really fun Scott. Thanks for the adventure!

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