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    Default Huge thanks....

    I know the fun isn't over under the big tent at Great Glen... but I am home from work for the day. Someone still needs to win the Subaru Lease, and many someones will be recognized for their fundraising , fun raising and probably some other kinds of @/// Raising attention for MWOBS.

    Over the years since 2004 that I've worked in Pinkham Notch, Seek the Peek has rattled around for their party venue post event, and only in the last few years have they settled on the Big Tent in Great Glen.

    I love this venue, it seems to me to truly focus on a shared and precious resource , one we all support whether through work @ top or bottom of the Rockpile or monetary donation or voluntarism.

    Huge thanks to Karen ( BaxterCA2). I sent thoughts up with her this morning for the Brad memorial and she brought me a Brad pin, pressed it personally in my hand and shared a tear-shirt - shoulder moment.

    Brad was there.

    Kevin Talbert introduced himself today with his lovely wife and the amazing Emma...... if you've hiked with KDT and his family , you know Emma. If you've only seen Emma in pictures.... you may not Know this..... Emma is a big dog captured in a bone china tea cup. Presence?????? She has it. In Spades. Emma is a pocket pup until she is your hiking partner and then she will tree bear.

    Brad was there, he fostered this forum so that we could make these connections.

    Ken Rancourt this morning was looking out for trustees and volunteers, waiting to offer seats upbound in the OBS Van, He came through the tollhouse so many times I asked him if he was actually " Mr . Willie go Round in Circles". WE knew the names we were looking for, it all got sorted, but the comaraderie was priceless.

    Brad caught that, knew that, and made himself a part of that. Brad is there, today, tonight, tomorrow, whenever.

    A Legacy is not necessarily a Subaru. Brad is a legacy, still with us.

    There is work and committment up and down through many partners and layers of support for the Rockpile we know and love.

    I do give huge props to STP 2012. Sp many people stepped up to the plate, it was a pleasure to be a small part of the event.

    Breeze ( Sue)

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    Dear Breeze (Sue)
    No need to thank me, it's what friends do for each other (the little things that mean so much).

    Brad was indeed present.... leading up to & during STP. All the signs were there, all you had to do was be open to seeing & feeling them. As you know many friendships have developed via MWOBS forum & STP participation, Brad kept those connections going throughout the year, my hope is those connections of Friendships continue.

    See you soon Breeze and thanks again for the kind words
    {Big Hugs}
    Club Member, Mt Washington Observatory
    ~ Everything happens in it's own time ~

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    All your words ring true about this event, Breeze! To those who have become a part of this year after year it is a much anticipated time of year and a highlight of their summer. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is just part of the fun. Sharing the love and enthusiasm of the mountain itself brings hundreds of folks together who otherwise may have never met or shared their lives in anyway. For ourselves we can say that we have met and will keep lifelong friends forged during these events.

    To the Auto Road and their dedicated staff a special thanks this year for allowing us to bend the rules a bit so that our canine companions could join in the fun at the after party. Emma was most thankful for her turkey dinner! This year was unique to us because for the first time we were not able to make the entire hike to the summit. I was feeling poorly and didn't think I had the energy to make the entire hike. Emma had knee surgery in April and still has not worked her way back up to her old hiking abilities. At nearly 13yo we have scaled back the distance and difficulty of the hikes to better suit her, lists, bravado and derring-do be damned! Thanks to the Auto Road we were still able to participate in this event, and feel no remorse at having not hiked the entire way.

    The night before the hike I had a bad night, feeling ill and not getting much sleep at all. As the morning came I knew I could not make the entire hike and was stressed that we would miss the gathering on the summit for Brad. After dismissing several ideas about what we could do instead it still ate away at me that we would miss our friends and the ceremony at the summit, then it dawned on me: we could take the Auto Road up to a point and then park somewhere to complete the hike. As it turned out we parked at the old Cow Pasture and used the Nelson Crag Trail to gain the summit. We made it in time to catch the brief, but moving ceremony for Brad, and to see our friends, old and new. We were also able to offer a ride down to three young, beautiful ladies who have eclipsed even Emma in their mountain fame. Without the Auto Road none of this could have transpired. So, we thank you, Breeze, and Howie, and all the dedicated workers for allowing us safe passage to the summit once again. If others wish to bemoan the presence of roads and buildings on this greatest of mountains in New England then so be it, but to them I say, "You are not looking at the whole picture, and do not understand the value of their presence, or the value of the dedicated people who live and work there. Your loss!"


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    I don't even know where to begin, Brad was right because this really was a great and fun experience for me. He said that volunteering is just as important as hiking. I planned on making this trip all year, but didn't know until the very last minute if I would be. I have 3 members of my family that are not well and I purchased a new truck last month that broke down 2 days before leaving, so I had a loaner car from the dealer which I pretty much beat the crap out of.

    I volunteered on Friday doing hiker registration and met a great lady named Barbara. She lives in Jackson and we talked the whole time, maybe even too much while working. We exchanged phone numbers and we will try to get together when I go up in October. The kick off party was so much fun, those that I have already met from the boards and the ones that I met that night were so nice and made me and my niece feel welcome.

    Saturday morning, we were one of the first people up on MW, it was a perfect drive. But even though I've made the drive up and down before, once I got the to the top I started stressing about the drive down with all of the extra road traffic. I think that everything going on my life just came to a head and my anxiety level escalated. So a very big special Thank You to Karen (The Prez) for being so kind to me, speaking in a gentle tone, not to worry because all would make sure that I got down safe. Cindy, Christine and others were also very understanding. It's sad, but I normally find the opposite in people and have come to expect it.

    Bob (Snow Miser) I can't thank you enough for driving the car back down, if it weren't for you I probably would have stayed all day and been the last car down and missed the party.

    Brads memorial was simple and yet very moving, his wife Linda is just as kind as he was. My favorite parts were the poem she read and all of us touching hands. I felt that I belonged, I felt emotional and I did feel like we were "Family". It's such a special place and so many great people that share this love and passion, I think that it is because of Brad that we were all brought together. Because if it weren't for the meet and greet lunches that we had, I probably would not have been there. He was one of the nicest and giving people that I will ever meet.

    The after party was so much fun, the food was great and I got to meet even more people. I wish that it could have lasted longer. Also a thank you to Mark Truman for giving me your STP backpack that you worked so hard for, I promise that I will put it to good use.

    Everyone's kindness and generosity just overwhelms me and I am so looking forward to next year, though I don't think that I'll be driving up the mountain.

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