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    I know the fun isn't over under the big tent at Great Glen... but I am home from work for the day. Someone still needs to win the Subaru Lease, and many someones will be recognized for their fundraising , fun raising and probably some other kinds of @/// Raising attention for MWOBS.

    Over the years since 2004 that I've worked in Pinkham Notch, Seek the Peek has rattled around for their party venue post event, and only in the last few years have they settled on the Big Tent in Great Glen.

    I love this venue, it seems to me to truly focus on a shared and precious resource , one we all support whether through work @ top or bottom of the Rockpile or monetary donation or voluntarism.

    Huge thanks to Karen ( BaxterCA2). I sent thoughts up with her this morning for the Brad memorial and she brought me a Brad pin, pressed it personally in my hand and shared a tear-shirt - shoulder moment.

    Brad was there.

    Kevin Talbert introduced himself today with his lovely wife and the amazing Emma...... if you've hiked with KDT and his family , you know Emma. If you've only seen Emma in pictures.... you may not Know this..... Emma is a big dog captured in a bone china tea cup. Presence?????? She has it. In Spades. Emma is a pocket pup until she is your hiking partner and then she will tree bear.

    Brad was there, he fostered this forum so that we could make these connections.

    Ken Rancourt this morning was looking out for trustees and volunteers, waiting to offer seats upbound in the OBS Van, He came through the tollhouse so many times I asked him if he was actually " Mr . Willie go Round in Circles". WE knew the names we were looking for, it all got sorted, but the comaraderie was priceless.

    Brad caught that, knew that, and made himself a part of that. Brad is there, today, tonight, tomorrow, whenever.

    A Legacy is not necessarily a Subaru. Brad is a legacy, still with us.

    There is work and committment up and down through many partners and layers of support for the Rockpile we know and love.

    I do give huge props to STP 2012. Sp many people stepped up to the plate, it was a pleasure to be a small part of the event.

    Breeze ( Sue)

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