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    Default Best Year Yet For Seek the Peak

    This was the fourth year now that I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in such a great event. Every year it just keeps getting better, and everyone associated with setting it up did a truly outstanding job. It has become such great time for so many good friends to get together, hike, and support the Observatory.

    And every year it's nice to take a different route up and down the mountain. This year we chose to hike up The Jewell Trail, and take the cog down. This was the first year I didn't actually hike back down, but I had never taken the cog the entire distance, so it would be a nice treat for a change.

    We began at 5:30am sharp, and it was just an absolutely beautiful day to summit Mount Washington.

    The Grey Jays were up for a little breakfast along the way.

    Above treeline and the views were fantastic!

    And on the summit for our group photo. What a great crew I was able to hike with this year!!!

    For a full set of pics of our hike, and also for those that captured the memorial event for the passing of our very dear friend Brad, please click here.

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    My Seek the Peak 2014 Photo Set

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