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    Default Please Spread the Word!

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a while since I've posted in the forums? I hope you all had a great summer on the trails or in the mountains!

    I'm writing today to introduce the Chase Community Giving Contest, which kicks off tomorrow. Mount Washington Observatory is legitimately in the running to win an unrestricted grant of up to $250,000, which will be used to help fund our work in research and education. To be successful in this contest, all we need to do is generate VOTES. It?s that simple. To do so, we?ll be relying on our wide audiences (email, Facebook, web, radio, TV, print, museums, etc.) to rally behind this effort and vote for us. To essentially double the impact, we?ve partnered with our friends at the American Hiking Society on this contest, so we?ll be each promoting both organizations, reaching twice the audience. The goal is to get 20,000 votes.

    I?m personally asking each and every member of the staff, volunteers and Board of Trustees to play a role in this? and we?re not asking for much. We're looking for everyone to simply spread the word!

    If you?re not on Facebook, this particular posting does not apply to you? We?ll be sharing more info later today or tomorrow regarding non-Facebook users and how you can spread the word within your own office, circles of friends and community.

    Facebook Users:
    The first, simple step for all of you to support this effort is to hop on Facebook. We?ve created a Facebook ?event? for this contest (entitled ?Vote for Mount Washington Observatory?), so the first thing to do is to JOIN the event. Once you?ve joined, you?ll be able to SHARE the event on your Facebook timeline. Please do! (Here?s the direct link to the MWO Facebook event:

    Also, please consider updating your Facebook status, referencing the contest and/or asking friends to join the Facebook event.

    Here?s some sample text? tailor it to fit your own style, of course:

    ?Tomorrow, the Chase Community Giving Contest kicks off and Mount Washington Observatory has a legitimate shot at winning a grant of up to $250,000! As you know, Mount Washington and the Observatory are very special to me, so I?m asking all of you to support this effort by simply casting a vote for the Observatory? just a tiny click of the mouse. Join our Facebook event and we?ll share more details as the contest opens tomorrow. Please spread the word!?

    If you're willing to do so, please update your Facebook status a few times over the course of the 14-day contest, which ends on the 19th. We?ll soon be creating a page on the MWO website where we should all be directing people to for this contest. Once it?s up, please share the link wherever you can.

    So, in summary?
    • Join the MWO Facebook event entitled ?Vote for Mount Washington Observatory? and share it on your timeline
    • Update your own Facebook status

    Thanks for doing this?We've never tried anything like this before, but we have every reason to believe that we can win one of the contest's 196 total grant awards by all working together? staff, Trustees, volunteers, members and fans.

    More info to come!

    Scot Henley
    Executive Director

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