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Thread: Skiing Lincoln Woods

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    Default Skiing Lincoln Woods

    I have searched here, but couldn't find any info regarding whether it's possible/enjoyable to XC ski from the Lincoln Woods trailhead to the Owls Head Path with appropriate amount of snow?
    Thank you

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    This is only my opinion so take it for what it's worth as I'm going on memory. I've done the route twice both times via the Black Pond bushwhack.
    Obviously the Lincoln Woods section of the trail is ski-able due to it's width and flatness. From there depending on whether you take the BP bushwhack or go the full route is where the challenges come in. The section from LW trail to Black Pond has a lot of twists turns and ups and downs. The BP whack cuts off two river crossings that may or may not be frozen. The full route has I believe 4 crossings 3 of which can be challenging. Either way there are no really big climbs or drops but in places skinning might be required. There are many parts where it might go up 20 feet at a 30 degree angle and then flatten off or drop back the 20 feet. From the pond the BP whack is for the most part surprisingly open through the woods. Of course if the trail has been somewhat broken out by snowshoes then the route could be choppy. I think the Lincoln Woods part would be enjoyable, beyond that it depends on what your opinion of enjoyable is. I'm pretty sure there are places where the skis will have to come off but probably not for long stretches.

    Hopefully Tim (bikehikeskifish) will chime in with his opinion as this is more up his alley.

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    You pretty much nailed it, Billysinc I can only fine-tune what you already said:

    * The LW trail can be very packed and very icy making it a challenge to ski - depending on your skis, skills, wax/waxless, etc.
    * The first third of the Black Pond Trail should be pretty easily skied.
    * You can stay lower on the Black Pond Bushwhack which is wetter (but matters less in a good snow year) but flatter. The best hiking line through there is in the 1600' - 1750' range. The only place it gets thick at all is right before you drop back onto the Lincoln Brook trail, and it's not that thick - just a short stretch of spruce to push through.
    * You can continue skiing pretty much right up to the Brutus Bushwhack if you wish. Note that the magenta line below was a great line in 2012 - and it actually shows where the old skidder road meets up with the Lincoln Brook Trail. The blue line is a direct assault up the fall line to the skidder road, and it continues around to the gully before heading up.

    The magenta line is a bit flatter than the blue line.

    Here it is on Google Earth.

    More info on VFTT here

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