I almost feel like it should be shutdown. There is so little activity. Who are the current moderators? I received this pm today:

I have been waiting since November 21 to be able to post and I still cannot
Back on November 21, 2012, I registered my account (this one) with MWOBS forums, and I received the confirmation email. But I still could not post or create new threads; I assumed that I was waiting for a moderator to approve my account.

I have sent THREE EMAILS to the MWOBS forum admins using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page, the last of which was about a week and a half ago. I have not received any responses from anyone with regard to why I still cannot post.

WHAT IS GOING ON???????? Why is the registration process taking so long??
I am frustrated that I have been waiting 3 weeks to post and I still cannot do so.
Which one of you am I supposed to contact to get my account activation completely finished??
(NOTE: Due to the rules set up by the forums, I am restricted to sending my message to only one person at a time. Therefore, I am sending this exact same message to all five of the following members, one at a time: