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    Default March 2013 Contest

    With just 13 days to go in the shortest month of the year, I have been sitting and starring at the F6 report and looking for something different that we haven't done before for the monthly contest. My brain is running and chugging along, looking at all the different possbilities. Not sure what to look at and to use, when finally, a column catches my eye. I think for a few more seconds, and presto, the contest has come to my mind.

    So, after that kind of introduction, your probably wondering what I have come up with. Well, here it is. For the month of March, you will need to guess the total number of heating degree days the summit experiences this month. And now your wondering, what the heck is a heating degree day? Right? Yes? Well, this is the simple definition of a heating degree day: A heating degree day is a calculation that is derived from using the outdoor temperature to warm the inside or cool the inside of the structure to a suitable temperature. So, if you have an average outdoor temperature of 16 degrees and the suitable temperature is 65 degrees, you subtract the 16 from the 65 and you come up with 49 heating degrees.

    So, your mission if you choice for the month is to give your best estimate on the number of heating degrees the summit will witness for the month.

    1. All guesses need to be in whole numbers as the number reported on the F6 report does not have any decimal points.
    2. One submission per forum ID
    3. There can be no duplicates. First person to submit a particular number will own that guess.
    4. If the proper answer is not selected by anyone, the winner will be the closest guess, without going over, according to the F6 report.
    5. Any attempt to alter the summit's temperature is not allowed. Bribing one of the observers is allowed - but they cannot influence the temperature readings.
    6. All guesses must be submitted here on this forum by the end of February 28th.
    7. The official source of data is the Daily F6 as published on the Observatory's web site.
    8. Anyone & everyone will be allowed to enter.
    9. Most of all... Have Fun!!!

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