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Thread: No Views from the Top! Doubleheads in the Fog 2-25-13

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    Default No Views from the Top! Doubleheads in the Fog 2-25-13

    At North Doublehead Cabin

    North Doublehead 3053? and South Doublehead 2939?

    Doublehead Ski Trail/Old Path

    2.8 miles 1700? Elevation gain

    Mark, Nat, Mike, Donna, Karen, Kevin, Judy and Emma

    With the knowledge that friends were converging on New Hampshire from their southern haunts we made plans to intercept and interact doing what deep inside we all like to do best, share a good hike with good friends. The plan was laid to hike the Doubleheads in Jackson, though it mattered little where the hike was, and more that we got together and hiked, anywhere. Among the intrepid trekkers were three we had shared numerous hikes with, and two new ones that we had only shared hikes with vicariously through the internet for several years. It was good to see old faces and new, all familiar.

    Ready to go!


    We started out under partial sunshine along the ski trail to the summit of North Doublehead. The wide track allows for a good deal of social hiking as opposed to the single file corridor on so many hikes. We laughed and stretched and hiked up the the ever steepening slope as it made its sharp, steep turns towards the summit. Snowboarders who had been staying at Doublehead Cabin passed us on their way down. The clouds closed in as we rose through the forest and soon the fog was brushing the trees surrounding us. The views were swallowed by a blank sheet of nothingness but it was of little concern as the company more than made up for the MIA sunshine and great views from this double-headed gem of a hill.

    Towards Black Mountain

    At the Lookout Near South Doublehead

    When views are absent senses tune into the finer minutiae, frost on beard lichen, snowflakes on spruce limbs, icicles on cabins, snowballs on dog's fur... When last we had visited South Doublehead it was hot and humid and the summit had dozens of large, well fed dragonflies darting about. On a previous winter trip we had frigid cold, but super clear air for spectacular surrounding views. It is the magic of the mountains that each visit, even if it might be to the same place over and over, is unique, and special, and can never get old in my heart... thanks to those who joined us, and took the time out of their lives to share with us to help make it a unique and special day!

    Had No Snowballing Issues Until She Decided to Break Trail

    Coming Down the Old Path

    Full set of pics HERE:


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