Its time to start to get the April Contest off the ground. This month, as I mentioned earlier, will deal with rain fall. You will need to guess the amount of liquid that falls onto the summit. Your guess can be out to the hundredth spot, for example 5.34 inches. All entries will need to be in for this April's contest will need to be in by March 31st at 11:59 PM. The simple rules to follow are:

1. One submission per forum ID
2. There can be no duplicates. First person to submit a particular number will own that guess.
3. If the proper answer is not selected by anyone, the winner will be the closest guess, without going over, according to the F6 report.
4. Any attempt to alter the amount of precipitation that the summit receives for the month will be an automatically disqualification.
5. You can attempt to bribe one of the observer but they cannot add any liquid to the rain guage to bump the numbers up nor can they empty the rain guage with reporting the correct amount.
6. The official source of data is the Daily F6 as published on the Observatory's web site.
7. Anyone & everyone will be allowed to enter.
8. Most of all... Have Fun!!!

Good luck everyone