Saturday, while on Mount Waumbek, Jude, Emma and I had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Atticus. Atticus is a miniature schnauzer about the same size as Emma, (who we think is a pomeranian mix.) It was nice to meet another dog her size on the trail and we got to talking. I always brag that Emma has her 4000 footer patch from the AMC. She got her patch the same day as Brutus the Newfoundland who went on to be the first dog to get his winter 4000 footers, then do it again, in one season! Emma (and Atticus) are about the size of Brutus' head! Anyway, Tom, very humbly I might add, made us feel to be completely inadequate hikers when I asked if they were on their quest for the winter 4000 footers. It turns out, in only their second full year of hiking, they are on their second time through the 4000 footers, THIS WINTER! After climbing Cannon Mountain at 3:30 Saturday morning, they drove to Waumbek and climbed it then finished up the day by driving to Mount Cabot and summiting. Unbelievable? They are doing it for a great cause, not just for bragging rights. Here is their website, full of great pictures:

Please check it out and even if you don't wish to donate to their cause, send along a few words of encouragement. After Mount Cabot they had 25 more summits to do in the next 10 days. Even if they don't make it, it is an awesome feat! It took me 3 years to do what they're doing twice in 90 days!