Hi - I'm new to this forum and joined in hopes of getting an answer to a very sepcific question (and possibly other advice). I tried on Facebook, and received many, many wonderful responses in comparing trails, but still not an answer to my question - so here goes: I need a simple answer as to how Jewell compares to Boott Spur in regards only to spots where you have to pull yourself up.

A little history and why I really, really need an answer to this:

I have hiked to the summit of Mt Washington twice, both times taking Boott Spur trail, which I found sufficiently challenging for me (I don't like completely vertical trails!) I again plan to hike this year, and my STP group wants to take Jewell Trail assuring me that it is just as easy, if not easier than Boott Spur. Now, it's not that I don't believe them, but no one can seem to answer this one simple question: How does Jewell compare to Boot Spur in regards only to spots on the trail where you have to pull yourself up with your arms? I really need an answer to this, as I had major shoulder reconstructive surgery in January and believe it or not even by July I will not be physically capable of puling up my own body weight.

I hope someone can honestly answer this question for me - thanks in adavance!