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Thread: Comparing Jewell to Boott Spur

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    I'm not sure if you've already hiked the Jewell at this point, but I agree with the others. It's a great trail! No spots where you have to pull yourself up. Now I have the opposite question though, since I've done the Jewell a couple of times, we were considering Boott Spurr. I haven't hiked at all on the other side of the mountain. Are there spots on that trail that I would have to pull myself up? Is it much harder than Amanoosuc up and Jewell down? One of the posts stated that the decent is rougher, is that going up and down Tuckerman's just before the summit or is it because of spots on Boott Spurr? We were considering taking the longer route around the other side of Washington instead of the steeper, Tuckerman's route. Thanks all!

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    I just came down the Boott Spur Trail a week ago for STP. I don't think there would be any places where you need to pull yourself up. There were a few short steep spots, but I imagine going up them wouldn't be bad. There was nothing that I needed to come down backwards on due to steepness or difficulty. There was one spot above treeline that was larger rocks/boulders, but with a little planning ahead of your route shouldn't be hard by any means. The ladder down low is steep and a bit awkward to come down, but you would be going up it. I will say though, there won't be much for breaks on this trail until the summit of Boott Spur. It is a pretty steady descent/ascent for much of it's length. Coming down at the end of the hike, the trail to me seemed to go on for a long time at the end, but I imagine going up at the start would be different.

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