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Thread: 1st timer hiker - security question

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    Default 1st timer hiker - security question

    Planning to ride up to NH next weekend.

    couple newbie questions
    1) What are the recommendations for security while camping? Is it safe to leave tent/sleeping gear and proceed to the top lightweight? Any storage/lockers available? Or just leave heavy gear in the car, hike to the top, come back to the car and hike back up Tuckerman Ravine trail to establish tent/lean-in area?

    2) Lean-ins - are those just public shelters for multiple people or those are semi-private? Also, do do those get reserved before tent sites? It would be nice not to have to lug tent around, if it would be known that lean-in area is available.

    Thanks in advanced..

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    Sorry for the late answer here. I assume you mean to camp at Hermit Lake which is the only legal camp site on the eastern side of Washington. Your camping gear will be safe, I cannot assure you that if you leave valuables that they will be safe. There is an unwritten camper's code that "You don't mess with anybody else's stuff!" take that for what it's worth. The only "storage' is for food in the form of bear proof food lockers which keep bears out, not people. There are lockers at Pinkham Notch Visitor's Center, but it is 2.4 miles from the campsites.

    For the most part those planning on camping carry their gear in, set up camp and then hike. Most hikers are up and down in the same day and don't camp. The lean-tos are public. Camping permits are purchased at PNVC before hiking to Hermit Lake, so, you would know if a shelter was available before lugging a tent up. Hope this helps, more info here:


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