Hi Everyone,

My wife and I were thinking of doing a small hike this weekend and have narrowed it down to Belknap since we haven't explored many mountains on that range except the obvious (Major).

Doing a few searches for info, I found that there's an old piper plane crash up there. Does anyone have any info on the trail down to the site? I've found some limited descriptions, saying it's steep and tough. Would anyone be able to give me a better description? Stuff like, is it easy to follow? Is it worth the hike down? Is the steepness extreme? I don't have any bushwhacking experience, nor do I want to get any on this trip, so just want to know what I'm getting myself (and my wife) into. Any detailed pdf trail maps you may be able to point me too would be helpful as well.

Also, does anyone know if the black flies have made it to the Belknap range? I would assume so since they have been near the seacoast for a couple weeks now.

Thanks very much for any information you may be able to provide.