In today's Boston Globe (June 10, 2013) there's an article entitled "Hikers meet man who saved their life" written by Billy Baker.

I find it to be a very touching story. Harold Addison and Gerry Wright might have perished on the summit of Mount Washington. But Guy Gosselin, a member of the Observatory staff, let them inside, saving their lives. According to policy, apparently he wasn't supposed to do this. This was in 1963. The men would have died had Mr. Gosselin not broken Observatory policy and let them in. According to the article, the wind was blowing so hard it to Gerry Wright 45 minutes just to get up the steps to knock on the door.

I ask you, Observatory staff members, would you not do the same thing if this situation were to happen today? I would have to think you would. How could any descent human being do otherwise?

But apparently, that day back in March of 1963.. the rest of the observatory staff weren't exactly pleased.

Thank God for people like Guy Gosselin. He had the chance to save two lives and he acted to do so and two men will be forever grateful.