Back from my trip, and already looking forward to October (next time I go up)

Alas, the weather was spiteful, and we were not able to hike Washington (rained some almost everyday).

First day out we hiked up Iron Mountain, to make sure we were all healthy. We were Fun hike. Second day out we did Arethusa Falls, which we've driven by several times, but just never found time to hike it. Lovely views. A good number of people were there, some decided to wade. I didn't, ha.

When we realized that we would not get "the big one," due to taunting weather, we decided to look to the other 4000'ers. I admit, there was a part of me hoping this was the case, I missed being able to get any last fall.

We thought Eisenhower would be an excellent choice, and we were right! We hiked up in fog, it was other worldly, and reminded me of the first time I hiked Washington. We could see the trail, but nothing else. Many checks were made on the radar (I was hiking with my former meteorology classmates, in addition to my boyfriend...the only non-wx nut in the group). The summit was great, very windy and still the fog. After lunch, the fog started to lift, and we got to see where we hiked. Amazing. We were about to start our hike back, when another group showed up. They were very jubilant and their enthusiasm was catching. The fog continued to lift, and it was like getting two different mountains in one hike. This was 4000'er #12 for me and the boyfriend.

The following day we walked around the pond path near the Highland Center, finally visited the Willey House and fed some brave ducks. Fun, relaxing day.

But our hiking was not over yet! Mount Pierce was next on out agenda. The hike up was enjoyable, though the wet rocks tried to trip me up. (spoiler: they succeeded on the way down.) We pasted a few groups, all were in good spirits (well, except one baby, but I bet she/he wanted to get down and crawl. I would). The bugs were vicious at the summit, we were hoping for the winds we had on Eisenhower. We stopped at Mizpah on the way down. Best blueberry cake I have ever had. Hunger may have been a factor there. Rest of the hike down was great, and #13 was done!

So, while it was a but of a bummer we didn't get Washington, I was more than happy to get 5 days of hiking and two new 4000'ers.

And to go back to Moat Mountain...

Pics to follow once I stop being lazy and get them off the camera.