My Dad installed a fringe area TV antenna and rotator on our house in Schenectady, NY, in 1955 and, with it, we could receive a snowy, but viewable, picture with clear sound from WMTW channel 8. I recall hearing that WMTW was knocked off the air one winter due to weather caused damage, and didn't get its transmitter back on the air until the weather improved in the spring. I do recall pointing the antenna in the right direction and being unable to pick up a signal. I was wondering if there were any old timers like myself who might recall when that happened. It would have been in 1956 or later, but, probably not later than 1960.

Copies of the Lewiston (Maine) Sun from the 1950s, including schedules for WMTW, are available free of charge online. However, when retrieving a sample of issues, I have been unable to find a gap in programming. If someone can provide a date, I am sure I can find an article about WMTW going off the air and a subsequent article when they went back on air.

Incidentally, I have read Marty Engstrom's "Marty on the Mountain" and phoned him, but he didn't recall such an outage. However, his career didn't start until 1964.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!