My family leaves tomorrow morning for Lake Winnipesaukee for the week. I'd much rather spend it camping someplace, but I was out voted! I'm hoping to take off for a day and figured Franconia Ridge would give me the best views for a day hike!

I'm looking at Monday as the day, but am willing to hold off if the weather doesn't look good (so far, it doesn't look bad though!)

I'm a bit nervous, as I haven't done any elevation like that since Mt. Washington about 12 years ago. I won't lie, I'm a out shape, but I try to get in a few hikes weekly here in northeast CT with a "weighted bag" that consists of my daughter's kid carrier & her lol.

I planned on going up Falling Water so that, in the event I do need to turn around, atleast I'll get some nice scenery in! I think my biggest concern is time. Around here, I manage around 3mph and can go about 10 miles without stopping. I'm thinking of hitting the trail around 8am so I have PLENTY of time, but I still get concerned. Any advice on this? Like "if you don't reach point X by 2, turn around"?

Either way, bag is packed, camera is all charged up! If you happen to see a fat guy struggling on the way up, don't be bashful!

Happy hiking