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Thread: First snow of the season contest - 2 inches on the F6 report

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    Default First snow of the season contest - 2 inches on the F6 report

    It is time to start thinking about snow. There is plenty of time to still think about summer but, one must be begin to prepared for snow of winter.

    The rules are pretty simple:

    Select the day when the daily F6 report shows 2.0" or more of new snow for that date.

    There can only be one entry for a day. Whoever gets their post in first has that date.

    If your date has past and there has not been 2.0" or more new of snow, you are out - in the cold.

    You may only enter once *.

    If you work for a company that alters the weather, makes snow over 6,000 feet, or can move mountains to be under snow clouds - you are not allowed to enter.

    Let the best snowman or woman win!

    * Once all day's selected have gone by, a 5 day period to allow entries will be open to allow a second guess to take place - not that I'm expecting that to happen, but you never know.

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