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    HI all!

    We have just returned from another fun week in New Hampshire. Alas, a week is far too short...

    Monday, 10/21 we hit Tecumseh. It was a quiet hike, I rather enjoyed it. Took a quick break at the viewpoint, and headed onward. We didn't see anyone else on the trail, but met two older fellows at the summit. We were happy to see the Tecumseh Trail sign at the summit, there was no sign at the trailhead (unless it was hiding on us, they tend to do that). #14, done. We mused that we have now hiked the tallest and smallest in the 4000' list. We just have to get all the rest of the ones in between.

    Wednesday, 10/23, we hit Osceola and East Osceola. This was a great hike! The trail started rocky, but nothing too bad. We had to pause to let a faster hiker and his adorable dog pass up (was a good thing, we remembered that spot as a landmark). We found our stride and headed onward. I really liked the feel of this trail, had an "old and wise" feel to it.
    At the summit of Osceola, saw a few other hikers enjoying this amazing view. One guy and a few dogs with him, and they were extremely well behaved, even when begging for our food. (they would be great to take on long hike, to "yogi" food off others, ha!) I really liked one pup who looked like a goofy Rotti mix.
    One mile til East peak! We avoided the "Chimney" and opted to the easier route. Rather thankful for my short height while scrambling down. While the summit had no view, it was very cool to be surrounded the trees. Heading back, I loved the rock scramble going up, it was much easier and a tad less nerve-racking than going down! Great thing about this hike, it had some of everything I like about hiking: great forest to hike through, sideways rocks to make it interesting, and a scramble!

    We wanted to finally get Cannon on Friday, but the weather had other ideas. A slight bit of mix precipitation in the morning made us stat around town, figuring the summit would be too icy (we had our microspikes, but last fall it was icy and kept us from summiting,so we erred on the side of caution). Oh time!

    And now I sit back home, wearing my new Woodstock Brewery beanie...wondering if it's too soon to plan our next adventure?

    (at least the Revolution are in the MLS playoffs, that'll distract me for a bit!)

    Pix to follow, as soon as I decide which ones I like best!

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    It's never too early to start planning the next trip. I have years worth of planning done myself. Congrats on bagging some more peaks on the list.

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    I agree, it's never too early to plan the next trip. Looking forward to an upcoming trip to NH or ME always keeps me excited. Congratulations on getting three more peaks done. Look forward to seeing some pics!

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    Congratulations on knocking these off your list! Great hikes, glad you enjoyed them, and good to see you're out there again!


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