I got so wrapped in the first 2 inch snowfall on the summit, that I forgot to setup a contest for November. Well, I'm coming up with twice as much fun for December. You will need to guess both the average high and low temperatures for the month. Now your thinking, he has lost his mind and has gone completely mad! Naw, just looking to spice things up as we head into the Holiday season. Just list your entry as such: 41/4. The first number will be the high temp and the second number will be the low temp. So, here are the rules for this month:

1. One submission per forum ID
2. There can be no duplicates. First person to submit a particular number will own that guess.
3. If the proper answer is not selected by anyone, the winner will be the closest guess according to the F6 report.
4. The official source of data is the Daily F6 as published on the Observatory's web site.
5. Anyone & everyone will be allowed to enter.
6. There can be one winner if they guess the closest or there could be two winners for this contest.
7. Any attempt to make the summit colder or warmer throughout the month is disallowed. So there is no bribing of the night time observer to attempt to cool off the summit more then the natural process or the day time obersver to warm things up.
8. Any member can participate, including ones that happen to work on the summit.
9. Most of all... Have Fun!!!

Contest closes at 11:59:59 PM on 11/30. Good luck everyone