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Thread: January 2014 Contest - Days of precipitation on the summit

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    Default January 2014 Contest - Days of precipitation on the summit

    Finally have came up with the January 2014 contest! Its taken me longer to come up with the contest but I think you will all enjoy this one. With 31 days in the month of January, you will need to break down those 31 days and guess how many days of precipitation fall on the summit. You will need to break down your guess into the following categories:

    Up to .01"
    Between .02" to .1"
    Between .11" and .5"
    Between .51" and .99"
    And Over 1"

    So, your guess will need to look something like this 15/8/5/2/1 and I will know what you mean Make sure your guess totals 31!

    And now, the rules....

    1. One submission per forum ID
    2. There can be no duplicates. First person to submit a particular number will own that guess.
    3. If the proper answer is not selected by anyone, the winner will be the closest guess according to the F6 report.
    4. The official source of data is the Daily F6 as published on the Observatory's web site.
    5. Anyone & everyone will be allowed to enter.
    6. There can be one winner if they guess the closest or there could be five different winners for this contest.
    7. Any attempt to add some moisture to the precip can on any day is prohibited. So there is no bribing of any of the observers to dump a cup or two of water into the can to add moisture.
    8. Any member can participate, including ones that happen to work on the summit.
    9. Most of all... Have Fun!!!

    All entries will need to be in by 11:59 PM on 1/5. Good luck everyone

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