After coming up with a couple tougher contests the last few months, I've decided to go easy this month and go back to an oldie but goodie. All you need to do is correctly guess the amount of snowfall that the summit receives for the month of February. Pretty simple and straight forward. Rules are pretty easy as well:

1. One submission per forum name
2. No duplicates, so the first to guess the number, owns the number for the month
3. If no one guess the correct amount, the person closest to the guess is considered the winner
4. The F6 report for February is the official source of the snowfall
5. Anyone can enter into the contest, including those that work on the summit
6. Any attempt to add snow to the summit, either by dropping some off from a hike or trucked to the summit on one of the shift changes is prohibited.
7. All entries need to be entered by January 31st, at 11:59:59 PM
8. And lastly, have fun!

May the best snow guesser win! Good luck everyone