Hello to all~
I would like to start off by saying I am new to the forums. My post today is going to be about some hikes in the White Mountains. In my entire life, I have seen at least 23 moose that I can count off the top of my head in New Hampshire. However, almost all of my sightings have been at the side of some back road, deep down in a bog, in a ditch below a main road, or a viewing from a long ways off. Moose sightings are always a treat no matter how many of them you see, however I think it would be a lot more exciting to encounter a moose in the woods whilst hiking or camping. I love to hike a lot, but I just simply don't know where the moose are! I think even if I could find some moose prints or scat it would make my day. I also know from experience that moose viewing in the winter time is difficult, however even if you guys can help me out with some trails that are very "moose active" in the spring/summer time that would be great. Thank you very much for your time!