Hey everyone! A group of friends and I are planning on hiking (or attempting to hike) Mount Washington sometime in mid-June (possibly the week of the 15th) via the Huntington Ravine Trail. Having hiked on Mount Washington before and doing trails of similar difficulty, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to handle it but I wanted to get opinions from people who have experience. We're all seniors in high school and we're all pretty athletic (we play volleyball and several other sports). Most of the people in the group have experience rock climbing, and all of them have done fairly strenuous hikes that involve scrambling. However, this will be the first time for most of them hiking Mount Washington, and although I've made sure they understand how dangerous hiking mt Washington is, I was wondering if it would be stupid to introduce them to the mountain with Huntington's ravine. We will definitely be going down Tuckerman's, but everyone in the group seems to really want to do Huntington on the way up. I was also wondering if June 15th and later that week is to early to go up Huntington. My mom is concerned that we will run into flies and bears if we go any earlier than July (and snow/ice). Thanks!