Well first off I'm not sure if this board is still active but I wanted to pop back in and say hello + thanks to all of those who gave me so much great advice when I was first getting into climbing back in 2010 - the advice you all gave was so crucial in my first few real winter "alpine" climbs ( mt wash & flume slide ). And thanks to all the people at IME for the further training, great school!!!

Anyways, here goes: me and the finance went out west for a two week end of term vacation to Seattle + pacific NW. The first day we got in later she's tiered, I'm stoked dying to go - beautiful day the mountain is OUT and weather for next is foretasted perfect sunny no clouds; thus, at a lovely Mexican restaurant dinner I hint the idea of me going for a little walk and she rests in - big smile "I'd love to just sleep in and watch some TV."

OK 3-4am I'm gone - no supplies but do have boots, snowshoes and ice axe. Local 7-11 has Gatorade + gallon of water for the trail & red bull + several Boston creams for breakfast.... I never intended to climb it but wanted to get up high _ i knew the muir snowfeild was no problem just gotta stay of the nisqually glaicer to the left and also don't go above Gibaltar rock solo as crevasses. So off I go and I just kept on, one little 40 degree steep section amazing views "panorama point" and I just kept on, then on some ledge there was a campsite I just kept on, caught up with the group some dude training a few guys how to use a rope so I talked for a bit then I just kept on. Finally I find a nice little rock to rest on


(little did I know that was 10,0188') but I knew the views were amazing ( I'll add some pics from my cell phone - these are old). Then I was getting a little tiered, but I just kept on a little as I could see this peak, which I thought was a false summit and wanted to see the views above it.


I almost said just up that gully and around that big rock ( which I later found out to be Gibraltar rock 12660' ) but I decided that since I didn't have appropriate supplies of an ice tool nor did I really have lunch that after walking up to it I'd better call it a day.

Now on the way back down I again pass that guide doing the training, of course he asked where I made it? And I explained where I stopped for lunch ( which he knew the name of the rock below it so looking on the map figured out the peak). I then asked is that big peak over there a false summit? He said " nope that Mt. Raineer"... I was taken back absolutely amazed that I was that high up and if I kept on I easily could have made that summit ( of course gotta say NOT APPROPRIATE to be on a glacier solo).

But now it is sealed in my mind that Mt. Rainier can be done in a day, I've heard these craze stories of people that do sea level to summit in a day - drive from the beach at midnight then head up but I never thought that's really possible. But it is and I might just have to put on my bucket list doing Rainier in a day, (I believ "rock chimney" is the Gibraltar)


Well I thought to myself better safe than sorry, back to the car by 1-2ish and of to Seattle for dinner with my baby.Then after a few days in Seattle off to visit the amazing Olympic peninsula cabin we booked with a nice balcony view