With the days getting warmer on the summit as we move towards the start of summer, its time to put the temperature back into the spotlight for the monthly contest. This month, you will need to guess the highest LOW temperature for the month of June.

1. One submission per ID
2. There cannot be any duplicates. If someone has guessed that number first, they own the number for the month. There are plenty of numbers to choose from
3. If there is no winner, the person closet to the final number will be declared the winner
4. The official number will come from the F6 report for the month of May
5. Anyone can enter the contest, including those that happen to work on the summit
6. Any attempt at warming the nights on the summit is prohibited. This includes setting up a heat lamp on the thermometer, or placing a nice big blanket on the summit to keep it warmer at night.
7. And finally, have fun with this!

All entries will need to be submitted by 11:59 PM on 5/31! Good luck everyone