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Thread: Mounts Avalon, Field and Willey

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    Default Mounts Avalon, Field and Willey

    On Tuesday Jude, Emma and I climbed Mounts Avalon, Field and Willey from Crawford Station. We followed the Avalon Trail to the summit of Avalon, then to the junction with the Willey Range Trail just below the summit of Mount Field. From there we took the Willey Range Trail south over Mount Field to Mount Willey, then back north over Mount Field and continued north to it's junction with the A-Z Trail. From there we hiked east on the A-Z trail until the junction with the Avalon Trail which we followed back to Crawford Station. The trail was well packed. The sky was overcast which kept the snow from softening up in the warm temps. We did have a brief flurry or two, but I think if it kept up it would have turned to rain, as it did that night. We wore our snowshoes through the entire hike which kept us from post-holing as others before us had done. Of note was a flock of no less than 150 Cedar Waxwings, seemingly drunk on fermented Mountain Ash Berries just below the summit of Mount Avalon. Pictures here:

    Great hike!

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    As usual, great shots. Many thanks for sharing, I am sure from many

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