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Thread: North Kinsman 3/18/07

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    Default North Kinsman 3/18/07

    Jude, Emma and I hoped to get in 2 more 4000 footers this winter but came up one shy. We started on the Lonesome Lake Trail from Lafayette Place. Friday nights snow was packed, but there was 3-4 inches of new dry, light, powdery snow to break trail through, not difficult. Half way up this trail we met a group of 46 teenagers and their hosts coming down from the Lonesome Lake Hut, so no more breaking trail. Above the hut we took the Fishin' Jimmy Trail, again Friday's packed snow was covered with 3-4 inches of light powder. Breaking this trail was no sweat. A mile along we met someone coming from Kinsman Pond Shelter, so no more breaking trail. At Kinsman Junction we again broke trail along the Kinsman Ridge Trail. Snow showers throughout the day now became steady and as we approached the summit conditions were deteriorating and 20 degrees became 10 degrees and windy. After a quick sandwich on the summit we decided to turn back, South Kinsman will still be there next winter. Pictures here:


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    My hat (and gloves) go off to Emma and Jude for hanging in there with you!
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