Anybody planning on skiing Tuckerman's this spring?

I'd like to make it up there one of these weekends, at least to see the party. I'm rather picky though, looking for good weather only.

Not sure about skiing it either. I find its much more enjoyable to watch the line of troops march up the headwall in lines. Stopping only to move out of the way as their comrades tumble by. The best part is watching everyone putting on their skis on the absolute steepest part of the bowl. Sure you could walk another hundred yards and stand in complete safety to attach your skis. Or you could stand there trembling. Hanging onto your poles, two skis and standing on a small and collapsible snow step.

Looking at some of the webcam zooms the ravine doesn't look that great. Plenty of snow for skiing, but too many rocks for March. I was there for Inferno two years ago and only a few of the lunch rocks were showing. Looks quite a bit different now.