Our group of 3 climbed O'Dells gully in Huntington Ravine and ascended the East Snowfields for a wonderful ascent of Mt. Washington on March 9. Conditions were clear and cold with reasonable winds, the climbing in the gully were great, protected from the wind and in the sun, with the ice in a plastic state which took ax placements on the first swing! Descended the snowfields again, and down the Escape Hatch gully and back to the Harvard Cabin. Skied over to Tucks, and down the Sherburne ski trail on Saturday. After more than 40 years coming to Mt. Washington, it was my first time at the Harvard Cabin in the ravine. Lots of fun except for the late arrivals all Friday night long who kept everyone awake with loud talking and meal cooking into the wee hours. My last trip to the Franconia Ridge in winter was in fog, so I saw no views between Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette, and the last trip to Mt. Adams from Gray Knob (last Easter) was in 20 ft. visibility with horizontal driving ice pellets, so this trip to the Rockpile was a great joy! I guess we didn't stand in front of the Deck camera long enough- I couldn't find our images in the Deck camera archive. Great trip with my son and his friend Dave.