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Thread: Observatory to Forecast New Signs

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    Default Observatory to Forecast New Signs

    I just read a press release on the MWO site.

    Mount Washington Observatory to cease weather observations and commence astrological forecasting.

    After 75 years of weather forecasting and observation the crew on New England's highest mountain will now focus on the lucrative astrology business.

    Not astronomy, but astrology. Management agrees that the unique location of the observatory is a perfect place to gaze at the heavens. Not for blackholes or near-earth asteroids but to predict your future in the daily horoscopes.

    All webcams will be aimed skyward to focus on the constellation of the day. Pisces, leo and virgo are lined up in the camera's lens for your viewing pleasure.

    "Instead of observing crystal clear skies," said observer Jim Salge, "we'll be observing our brand new crystal ball at the top of the tower."

    The excitement at the summit was palpable this morning as the crew waved goodbye to the last traditional EduTrip. An entirely new line of edutrips will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Covering suck topics as alchemy, palmistry, and tarot divination. Using Your Dowsing Rods In The Alpine Garden is sure to become a favorite.

    "Signs of the Zodiac was my minor," explained new observer Kyle Paddleford, "so this announcement was a true alignment of the stars for me." Kyle arrived at the mountain yesterday with a warning for all Sagittariuses, "with Scorpio adjunct Libra this month always keep one eye towards the weather."
    Next up: Vermont City Marathon: May, 2011

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    WOW, I just don't know what to say. Wait untill the Enquirer gets a hold of this one!!!!!
    Is there really any BAD weather???

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