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Thread: curious mountain stick

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    Default curious mountain stick

    I found a neat stick in a barn that we were tearing down . I couldn't get my pics to work , but here is a link to another website where it's posted :,61248.0.html

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    Default Fabyan House

    The word is Fabyan. They bought the stick at the Fabyan House near Bretton Woods. Horace Fabyan was a business man from Portland who in 1837, purchased Ethan Allen Crawford's inn. He renamed the inn the Mount Washington Hotel (not to be confused with the current MWH where the International Monetary Conference was held in 1944) and charged $1.50 a night until it was destroyed by fire in 1854. Fabyan's is associated with a part of the town of Carroll which later became a junction of several railroads. The Fabyan House was a large hotel which could accomodate 500 guests built in 1874 by the Boston and Maine Railroad. It was destroyed by fire in 1951. There is still a restaurant named Fabyan's in a replica of the old train station near the hotel site. This is at the junction of Rte. 302 and Base Road, which is the road to the Cog Railway Base Station, better known as Marshfield Station. This is just east of Bretton Woods ski area. An interesting side note is that the Fabyan House was built on a large mound of dirt known as "The Giant's Grave". The mound was removed to construct the hotel. Legend has it that an Indian stood on this mound with a flaming torch lit from a lightning bolt and proclaimed that: "No pale face shall take deep root here; this the Great Spirit whispered in my ear." All inns built on this site have burned to the ground. My source for this is "The White Mountains, Names, Places and Legends." by John T.B. Mudge. It looks as though you have a rare mountain artifact, though it's probably not worth much, unless you can find some ancestors. I just read all the posts on treasurenet, seems you have "dug up' some ancestors! Thanks for sharing this story with us and please keep us posted on any new developments.

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