I moved here in 1984 for much the same reasons as stated by others, to "escape" Boston. In 23 years I have seen the local farms turn to cul-de-sacs with 1/2 million dollar Mcmansions, the local business' have turned into Wal marts and the local coffee shops turned into Dunkin'Donuts. The urban sprawl is spreading across southern NH like cancer to the point where Manchester is just another suburb of Boston. People that love this area would do well to work on their local Planning Boards and Conservation Comissions if they don't want to see NH turn into what they wanted to "escape" in the first place. The mentality of most builders is that they have never seen open space that couldn't be improved with concrete or asphalt. Don't buy into their "cluster housing preserves open space" baloney. It's only open space for the people who live there. More houses=more people=more traffic=more trash=more needed services and on and on... Yes, NH is great, lets keep it that way.