Hmm, if there's a setting governing avatar sizes, it's not listed under "Avatars". vBulletin can be unintuitive with its menu placement. I'll try to find out what the current avatar rule is.

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Please pardon me for resurrecting an old thread. But I have a question about avatars which I couldn't find an answer for in the FAQs.

The avatar link/upload page states that custom avatars are limited to 50 x 50 pixels. Yet some of the avatars in use are 80 x 80. Is this due to my being a newbie? The other BBs I post on that use vBulletin all have 80 x 80 as the default avatar size, custom or BB gallery.

The reason for asking is the photo I'm using now loses a lot of detail when it goes from 80 x 80 to 50 x 50.