I'm not going to argue about whether MW has the worst weather or not. I want to talk about the worst weather I have experienced in my life, and then you can decide if MW is worse. While in the USAF I was stationed in Panama for close to 3 years. I don't know exactly how close to the equator Howard AFB was, but pretty close. An average day the temps would be 95 to 100 with no wind and humidity you wouldn't believe. From February to November it would be like this. Everyday the humidity would build into brutal thunderstorms with rain so heavy I can't describe it. Think of the hardest rain you've ever seen in New England and imagine it raining twice as hard or harder. Think of the worst thunderstorm you've seen in the northeast and multiply it many times. The lightning was like being in a room with a dozen strobe lights going off every few seconds. The thunder was like explosions going off around you. Then, just as quickly as it started, it would stop, the sun would come out, many times there would be an unbelievable double rainbow, and the whole process would start all over again. The wet ground and pavement would steam from the blistering heat, the steam would rise, the clouds would form, and in a few hours there would be a dark sky, the lightning would flash, you could here the approaching thunder, and the rain would start all over again. This went on every day for ten months out of the year. The grass would grow ten feet high, the jungle would grow so thick no human being could penetrate it, and then in December the rain would stop. For the next 2 months everything would dry out like when the leaves all turn brown and fall to the ground here. It would be so dry that this burnt vegetation would just combust, and we'd spend the next 8 weeks rushing from one brush fire to the next, trying to keep the base from burning. Now maybe my brain has exagerated my memories over the past 25 years since I've been stationed there, but what I have written is true to what I remember. To this day I can't stand the hot weather, and instead of being out in the 85 degree spring weather we're having here in southern NH today, I'm sitting in my nice cool basement tapping this out for your disbelief. Now to me, that was "The world's worst weather". I hated not having the 4 seasons. I'll take wind, ice and snow over that. Not necessarily the extremes we see on MW, but I prefer winter to the heat, humidity, bugs, scorpions and snakes I dealt with in Panama. So I guess it's all your point of view as to what the "worlds worst weather" is.