I don't seem to run into them in the ravines and above treeline either, but down in the woods they're murder. I think it is also true they may prefer some blood types to others, I think I've read this. Ben's is good bugspray, 100% deet, but some people say don't use it on kids. No spray I've used is 100% effective. Deep Woods Off comes in towelette packages that are easy to use, especially on kids, but I think it has Deet, too. I've taken to wearing a headnet. It looks stupid, but it's definitely more effective. They're cheap and you can get them in most sporting good places, even Walmart where the fishing gear is. Mosquitos are bad this time of year and carry Triple E and other diseases, also check for tics after being in the woods. Wear long pants and longsleeve shirts and shoes, not sandals. I'm not trying to scare you off, just trying to prepare you for the woods up here. Coming at the wrong time of year and not being prepared has turned off a lot of would-be hikers/campers to NH. The best time to come is September and October, the foliage is out, the bugs are gone, the days are warm and the nights are cool.