Well I think an easy way to sum up the conditions in Tux this weekend was nice conditions, crappy weather lol We got up to NH from CT on Sat night. The summits of the Presidentials were in the clouds but the ravine seemed to be out for a while. We got into Gorham... checked into the hotel and took a drive to Pinkham. By the time we got there the ravine was in the clouds/fog. They were calling for rain all day on Sunday but we thought "hey maybe we will luck out". We awoke Sunday morning at 5:45 to cloudy skies with light rain falling. "ohh well lets go for it and see what happens". So we pack up and hit the trail by 6:45. The very bottom of the Tux trail had almost no snow but once we got up a ways there was a mix of snow ice and dirt. Then once we got past the switch backs it was all snow. We put on the snow shoes, kinda took our time and made it to Hojo's around 9:00.

A Little Ways Up

Some better snow cover, half way to Hojo's

Yeah there is still quite a bit of snow up there

The fog was pretty dense when we got there so there wasn't much to see. After a few minutes of hanging around the fog cleared some and I snapped some shots.

Hillman's half in the fog


We ran into davidhowland14 on the way up to the bowl and he passed us pretty quick since he had no skis or pack on lol. Once we got into the bowl it was completely fogged in but after a while it cleared a bit and we were able to see where we had to go.

The headwall looming in the fog

Since this was our first time skiing Tux we decided to ski Left Gully first so we started heading up. We ran into Dave again part way up and stopped and talked for a while. It was pretty funny/cool watching him slide down the lower part of Left gully with no skis. You really got me laughing a few times Dave when you hit some bumps on the way down and got some air. After hanging out for a while we continued up to the top of Left Gully.

My friend was originally going to ski down off the lip on the top of the gully but after climbing up and looking at it he decided it was a little to steep for his first run in Tux so he started just below it. Right before he went down a guy came off the top lip, kinda fell but recovered really quick and started a snow slide that slid all the way down to me lower down in the gully. our run was sweet, the snow was nice and soft.

My friend skiing left gully(not many pics/vids of me in here haha)

Here are a few vids of the guy coming off the lip and the slide he caused and my run down.

Once we were back down we had lunch and talked to the guy who had fallen off the headwall the day before. He was a nice guy, I found out he is actually a weatherman for a TV station in Virginia. He asked if anybody found his skis and stuff to bring them down to Hojo's and that he had lost his glasses in the fall and now he had to drive back to VA with no glasses to be back on the air by Wed. Man was he one lucky guy. After lunch we looked around and decided that Right Gully looked pretty nice. There was only like 3 other people up there so we headed up. The mashed taters were even deeper up there and just as soft. I got to the top, "well as far as you could go" up Right Gully and skied down cutting to the right at the bottom and skiing the bottom half of the main face. Another sweet run...

Looking up into Right Gully

Heading up by the Lunch Rocks

Half way

Skiing the bottom of the main face

About 5 min after I got back to the bottom a big chunk of ice came down off the headwall... rolled right down where I just skied and smashed apart on the lunch rocks. Man am I glad I wasn't up there a few minutes later. Now it was about 2:45 so I hung around for a while watching a bunch of people ski Left Gully and a few ski Chute. Then about 3:30 my friend headed for the Chute by himself as I took some more pics and taped him. Man it's even steeper than it looks lol It took him a while to climb up but that was ok since it was only like 4:15. The chute really lives up to it's name since its not only steep but has a 3 ft deep gully in the middle. He didn't ski it gracefully but he didn't fall so he was happy lol Sorry no pics on chute because I had the camera at the bottom but here is a vid of my friend skiing the bottom 3/4 of it.

My friend at the bottom

A few other skiers on the Chute

Again the snow was awesome. After that we started to head back to Hojo's

A few pics of the bowl on the way down

We asked the ranger at the bottom of the bowl if Little Headwall was ski able. He said that a few people had tried it by bushwhacking to right but not many. We went down the Tux trail a few hundred feet to cut off the very top since it looked pretty rough and then cut in onto the little headwall trail. Most of the little Headwall is open water now but if you stay way over to the right you might be able to sneak by like we did but not for much longer. Also at the bottom there are 2 streams to get over to get to the Sherbie. At one of them there was a snow bridge but that's probably gone now after Mondays rain.

Cutting right on the Little Headwall... open water to the left

After that we cruised down the Sherbie and made it 5/6 of the way down before we couldn't make it over the dirt patches anymore. I assume the bottom will be closed off now especially after Monday's rain. The top half was nice though with some nice soft moguls all the way down it.

Vid of my friend skiing on the upper half

We got back to the van around 5:00 pm. We were pretty wet by then but we had a fun day in the ravine and now I am completely addicted. To bad the snow is going to be gone soon but ohh well I will just have to go a bunch next year. Nice meeting and talking with ya Dave, I thought I would have run into you again but I guess you left before I got down from Left gully. Hope I didn't bore everyone with my millions of pics lol

Happy Trails