Hi, first post, although I have lurked and learned here for a while.

I'm trying to plan a 3 day two night hike with another dad. We're taking our 14 year olds to the Whites for a couple nights in the huts. We have both done a bunch of hiking, and although we're not really in the same physical condition we were in back in the day of skiing tuck, we're going to live. The boys have both done some long hikes, although not as much elevation change as what they'll see here. They are both in great physical shape.

Here's what our initial thoughts are, but, they are very early. I can tell from reading this forum that you'll all be happy to lend feedback. I want this to be a fun experience, but, challenging too. These boys are both in my Scout troop, but, this is not a Scouting event.

We plan on leaving our vehicle at the Highland Center, and take the hiker shuttle to Pinkham notch. We might even spend a night there so we can hit the ground running as early as possible the first day.

Day 1: Leave Pinkham Notch, hike up Tuckerman's to Washington. Not sure if we should consider cutting over at Lion's Head, or just take Tuck all the way up. After summit, come back down on Crawford Path to Lakes, and spend the night there.

Day 2: Leave Lakes of the Clouds, follow Crawford Path and summit detours to bag Monroe, Eisenhower, and Pierce. End the day at Mizpah Spring hut.

Day 3: Evaluate how ambitious the boys are, and either take direct route back via Mizpah Cutoff to Crawford Path and the Highland Center, or maybe a little more hiking via Webster Cliff trail to pick up Mt Jackson then back to Highland Center.

Both boys have done multi day backpacks before where they had to carry tent and cooking gear. Those were on more level terrain. For this, they'll need a more moderate pack, but, will have a lot more elevation to deal with.

Ok, I've rambled enough for a first post. Be gentle