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Skywarn Spotter Training At Weather Discovery Center June 2

“Skywarn”, a critical link in the National Weather Service severe weather observation network, will offer free volunteer training on Saturday, June 2, at the Mount Washington Observatory’s Weather Discovery Center in North Conway Village. 

Skywarn is a nationwide network of volunteer weather spotters who are trained by and report to the National Weather Service. The Skywarn spotters are on the lookout for many types of hazardous weather, such as severe thunderstorms, hail, flooding, tornadoes, and heavy snow.

According to Mike Cempa, of the National Weather Service Forecast Office (NWSFO) in Gray, Maine, “It’s easy to become a Skywarn volunteer. All that’s needed is to attend a free training session. The sessions that we run are open to all residents of New Hampshire and Maine. The training runs about two hours, and discusses types of severe weather, observation standards, and how to communicate information back to the National Weather Service office.”

According to Cempa, he and his colleagues at the NWSFO-Gray are responsible for issuing local forecasts and severe weather warnings for the region. “Skywarn spotters provide an invaluable service by verifying in person what we observe remotely, by radar, satellite images, and automated weather stations,” he says, “Spotters act as our extra eyes and ears, helping to provide better forecasts and more timely, more accurate severe weather warnings.”

The Skywarn spotter network is usually activated whenever there is a threat of severe weather. Skywarn reports can be relayed through a number of channels, including telephone, the internet, and amateur radio. Participation in the Skywarn program is a natural for any individuals who are enthusiastic about weather, and who want to use that enthusiasm to serve their community.

The next Skywarn spotter training will be held on Saturday June 2, starting at 10 AM, at the Mount Washington Observatory’s Weather Discovery Center, 2779 Main Street, North Conway village, New Hampshire. “We work closely with the National Weather Service in our activities on Mount Washington,” notes the Observatory’s Director of Programs, Peter Crane, “so we’re pleased to work in partnership with the NWS in offering this training at our valley science and weather museum. Through this Skywarn program, we’ll be able to make our museum visitors even more aware of the importance of weather events, and of the potential impact of weather in our region.”

For more information about the Skywarn program, please visit WWW.SKYWARN.ORG, and the local National Weather Service website at WWW.WEATHER.GOV/GRAY

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