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Summer EduTrips: Spend a Night with your Head in the Clouds

With its spectacular panoramic views, at 6,288 feet the summit of Mount Washington has attracted summer travelers, both near and far, for centuries. And from June through August, the Mount Washington Observatory’s Summer EduTrip program provides outings to the summit like no other. Capturing everything from stargazing nights and dazzling sunrises, to exclusive tours of the mountaintop weather station; EduTrips are overnight experiences of the summit’s sequences, apart from the tourist bustle.

“From pulling up a chair to the dinner table to sleeping in similar quarters, participants get to experience not only how we work during the day, but how we live at night,” says Brian Clark, Mount Washington Observer. “Spending an evening on the summit offers several components that being here during the day doesn’t provide; the silence at night is incomparable with anything else.”

Summer EduTrips are open to members of the Mount Washington Observatory, a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to advance understanding of the natural systems that create the Earth's weather and climate. Overnight EduTrips are held at the Observatory’s summit weather research facility, allowing participants an opportunity to learn more about the mountain’s dynamic environment and history. By providing a behind-the-scenes look into the life of an Observer, participants also get an unforgettable peek into living and working on the summit of Mount Washington.

“As Summer EduTrips are only open to Mount Washington Observatory members, we find that individuals often use this unique occasion to begin their association with the non-profit organization.” says Scot Henley, Observatory Executive Director. “It’s truly an excellent way to get immersed into summit life and all of the exceptional, on-going research conducted by the Observatory.”

With the perfect blend of activity, education and leisure, the 2007 Summer EduTrip season also includes a new benefit. Six of the eleven EduTrips now incorporate a guided, off-summit hike within the White Mountain National Forest. Hiking excursions will feature such places as the Alpine Garden, Mount Clay, Lakes of the Clouds, and Lion Head. The off-summit hikes allow participants to learn more about the mountain’s terrain and its distinctiveness in extreme weather conditions.

Summer EduTrips include transportation, meals, overnight lodging on the summit, instruction, and materials for $169.00 per person. Close contact with guides and personal interest is assured, as EduTrip group sizes are kept intimate, limited to 6 people. Besides providing a matchless educational experience, participation helps support the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory in its many public service activities.

The following dates are for the 2007 Summer EduTrip season:

·         June 23-24*      Saturday-Sunday
·         July 5-6              Thursday-Friday
·         July 14-15*        Saturday-Sunday
·         July 21-22          Saturday-Sunday
·         July 26-27*        Thursday-Friday
·         August 2-3         Thursday-Friday
·         August 4-5*        Saturday-Sunday
·         August 16-17       Thursday-Friday
·         August 23-24*      Thursday-Friday
·         August 25-26       Saturday-Sunday
·         August 30-31*      Thursday-Friday

 * Denotes EduTrip With Off-Summit Hikes

Summer EduTrips provide overnight summit stays for members of the Observatory. Held at the research facility on the summit of Mount Washington, these unique trips allow a select few to experience the summer moods of the mountain not witnessed by the general public. From stargazing nights to exclusive weather station tours, EduTrip participants learn about summit life and the mountain's dynamic presence. For additional information on EduTrips, or to make a reservation, contact the Observatory at 603.356.2137 x203.

Mount Washington Observatory is a private, non-profit, member-supported organization with a mission to advance understanding of the natural systems that create the Earth's weather and climate. Since 1932, the Observatory has been monitoring the elements in one of the most extreme locations on Earth, using this unique site for scientific research and educational outreach. For more information and to learn about the many benefits of membership, visit MountWashington.org


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