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Patrick LaFreniere's Mountains at Night Photo Gallery

To order prints or inquire about usage rights for any of these photographs please contact Patrick LaFreniere.

Northern Lights over Echo Lake
Red, yellow and green auroras light the water and the sky over Echo Lake, North Conway. Catedral Ledge is seen in the foreground to the left.

Northern Lights over Pemigawasset Wilderness
Red and green auroras as seen from the Kancamagus Highway.

Planets over Conway Lake at Dusk
A star and four planets are seen at dusk, with reflections on Conway Lake. From left to right they are Aldeberan (star), Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Moat Mountain Range is seen in the distance. Unseen are the eerie calls of the loons! This was a beautiful moment!

Mars and Scorpius over Mt. Passaconaway
Mars is the brightest object, with the stars of Scorpius to the right. The orange glow of dawn is seen to the left. Mars is this bright for a short time every three years, when the Earth passes between the Sun and Mars.

Leonid Meteor Shower
The dark skies over the Sandwich Wilderness were perfect for the meteor shower of November 18, 2001. Here two brilliant meteors, and some fainter ones, are seen streaking through the night. Jupiter is the bright object at top, center. Orion is the constellation to the right.

Sunset over North Moat Mountain
Mountain-Induced Lenticular Stratiform clouds are bathed in sunset light.

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