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Mount Washington Observatory is a fully-staffed, year-round mountaintop weather and research station located at one of the planet's most extreme locations. Consistent exposure to wind, fog, precipitation and temperature extremes makes the Observatory an ideal site for product testing and research related to icing, weather, climate, air quality and instrumentation.

Instrument Siting and Product Testing

With its modern technological infrastructure, on-site staff support and off-mountain logistical coordination, Mount Washington Observatory is the perfect location for instrument siting, testing and operation, as well as the testing of consumer and industrial products. It is what we've been doing for decades.

Consumer products such as vinyl windows, ice scrapers, tents, gloves, boots, outerwear and even skin lotion have been put to the test on Mount Washington. Industrial products for aerospace, aviation, healthcare, military and scientific applications have also been proven here. The mountain's elevation and extraordinary conditions often serve as the ultimate challenge—if a product can handle Mount Washington, it can handle anything.

The same can be said for instrumentation. Whether it's a new instrument to be added to the Observatory's suite of equipment or a prototype being operated with a specific set of guidelines, our facility and support staff can accommodate a wide array of instrumentation. Most recently, sonic anemometers, propeller anemometers and ceilometers from several manufacturers have been tested in Mount Washington's harsh conditions.

Weather and Climate

Mount Washington Observatory is perfectly suited to host or collaborate on research for industry or academia, and possesses a long, proven track record of doing just that. Its climate record, with hourly observations dating back to the mid-1930s, offers researchers a very unique data set. Its Mount Washington Regional Mesonet, a network of remote instrumentation clusters scattered throughout the Presidential Range, offers a comprehensive array of surface data and a platform for further deployment of remote instrumentation and sensing equipment.

Air Quality

Mount Washington Observatory is located atop the tallest mountain peak in the northeastern United States, in free air, and far from urban centers. This remote, rural, high altitude site allows for the observation of mid-tropospheric events and the study of regional air quality and long-range transport of particulate matter. With on-site support staff and a facility that hosted air quality monitoring equipment for the University of New Hampshire's AIRMAP project for roughly twelve years, the Observatory is one-of-a-kind in the northeast.

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