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Mount Washington Weather Center

Summit Conditions – 8:15 PM, Wed.
TempWindGustW. Chill
54.4°F301° (NW), 31.5 mph0.0°F
METAR KMWN 232351Z 30033KT 0SM TSRA FG VV000 13/13 RMK OCNL LTGIC OHD TSB30 6//// 10158 20112= NNNN
Summit Forecast – Wednesday, July 23, 2014
High pressure will continue to slide offshore this morning, pumping warm, moist air in over the region ahead of a strong cold front expected to arrive this afternoon. Ahead of the approaching front, convective cells will pop up around the region, initially bringing scattered rain showers. But as the front itself approaches, models are in agreement that strong convective cells will form with multi-cellular structures likely forming and some cells possibly even becoming isolated supercells. All of this will translate into heavy rain, large hail, violent winds, and frequent lightning. The heavy rain will be sudden possibly leading to localized flooding in neighboring ravines and swollen river crossings at lower elevations. Larger hail formation could reach up to an inch or more in diameter and might fall with high velocities. Downdrafts and line driven winds could come down suddenly and without notice with gusts reaching hurricane force or even triple digits under some cells. With fog expected above tree line, these thunderstorm formations will be obscured with thunder drowned out by wind, meaning they will arrive with little to no warning making it difficult to seek shelter or a proper lightning stance.

This line of severe weather is expected to continue into the evening before tapering late overnight as the front exits and atmospheric conditions once again stabilize. Some upslope showers and fog will linger early on Thursday but a building high from the west will allow for a general clearing trend on and above the summits for the afternoon. Temperatures overnight into Thursday will also be noticeably cooler as northern air moves in behind todays passing front.
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