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14 - Science in the Mountains Lecture Series

7pm: Extra-Earth Exploration - What's It Like Where We're Going?:

Mirka Zapletal, Director of Education, McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center NASA has big plans for getting astronauts back to the Moon and then on to Mars, plus ideas about exploring asteroids and other moons. Getting there is one big challenge- being there is another. What kinds of conditions will astronauts have to contend with as they journey away from Earth?

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18 - Science in the Mountains Lecture Series

7pm: Reaching New Heights on Mt. Everest: Insights from the Highest Weather Stations in the World

The highest elevations of the Himalayas are among the most rapidly changing environments on the planet and of immense hydro-climatological significance, yet meteorological observations are largely non-existent above ~5,500 m. As a result, scientific understanding of glacier-climate interactions, paleoclimate reconstructions from ice cores, and future high-elevation climate change remains limited. As part of the most comprehensive single research expedition to date in the region, a team led by Baker Perry, Ph.D., Professor of Geology and Planning at Appalachian State University, installed a network of five weather stations at elevations ranging from 3,810 m to 8,430 m during the 2019 National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Expedition to Mount Everest. The Balcony (8,430 m) and South Col (7,945 m) weather stations are the highest ever installed. Join Dr. Perry as he discusses (1) the numerous challenges specific to the design and installation of the weather stations, (2) particular challenges in conducting scientific research above 8,000 m, and (3) initial insights from the data collected thus far.

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Home of the World's Worst Weather - Virtual Classroom
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Presented by Mount Washington Observatory Weather Observers

Join each Tuesday to view varying programs focused on a particular topic in weather and climate such as air masses or fronts, or how extreme winds are measured. MWO's summit scientists will take roughly 20 minutes to share their knowledge in addition to the latest conditions and forecast from high above tree line, followed by a Q&A session.
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