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15 - Science in the Mountains Lecture Series
Bird Migration: Fun Facts and Shameless Speculations

Pamela D. Hunt, PhD, Avian Conservation Biologist, NH Audubon

Why do birds migrate? How do they know where they’re going? How does weather affect migration paths? The phenomenon of bird migration has fascinated people for millennia, and in this program the answers are finally revealed! Pam Hunt of NH Audobon will provide an overview of the nuts and bolts of bird migration, including how scientists study it and what role weather and climate play. We’ll also discuss examples of migration routes of some familiar (and unfamiliar) species and touch on the conservation issues facing migratory birds.

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- Science in the Mountains Lecture Series
Weather Instrumentation at the "Home of the World's Worst Weather"

Nicole Tallman, Weather Observer/Education Specialist, MWO; Keith Garrett, Information Systems Administrator, MWO; Brian Fitzgerald, Director of Science & Education, MWO

When you hear Mount Washington Observatory, you probably think about the summit station, but did you know that all-told the Observatory operates over 18 “weather stations” including its mesonet system across Mount Washington, the White Mountains and the Mount Washington Valley? Join MWO staff in this live program to learn about what people, expertise and instrumentation it takes to operate multiple weather stations in extreme environments, and why these data matter! 

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10 - Science in the Mountains Lecture Series
Winter Weather in a Warming World

Elizabeth Burakowski, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

Are New Hampshire winters warming? Yes! But fewer than half of state residents correctly recognize the trend. In this talk, we'll explore how winters have changed over the past 100 years, what climate trends we can expect in the future, and the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and society.

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Alexa ask Mount Washington What is the Weather?

Alexa ask Mount Washington What is the Weather?

From the Home of the Worlds Worst Weather! Now you can get current weather information directly from the Mount Washington Observatory at summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, as well as weather info for any day since 1934!

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