General Release & Assumption of Risk

I agree:

 a)    that my voluntary participation in any transportation or residency activity of the Mount Washington Observatory (MWO) is undertaken solely upon my personal request and for my personal enjoyment and benefit;

b)    that my participation in any such activity has not been solicited by any agent, employee, or officer of the MWO;

c)    that I am fully aware that weather and related conditions on and in the vicinity of Mount Washington can be severe and dangerous and that there are thus significant risks involved with traveling to and from the summit of Mount Washington and with engaging in any activity thereon;

d)    that because of unpredictable conditions and dangerous terrain, the trip in which I am participating may not be able to safely make it to the Summit, and that if so, I may have to walk up to 8 miles to safety under strenuous potentially dangerous conditions;

e)    that there are no medical facilities on or nearby Mt. Washington; and,

f)     that the paramount objective of the MWO during this trip is my personal safety.

 Accordingly, I agree:

 a)    that the trip leader designated by the MWO for my trip has the sole and exclusive right to cancel the trips or to modify any portion of it, at any time before it commences or during its progress, for any reason that, in his/her sole judgment, makes such cancellation or modification necessary;

b)    that in the event of any such cancellation, refunds or credits cannot be made;

c)    that trip reservations are date-specific and cannot be transferred;

d)    that my trip leader has the exclusive right to refuse participation in the trip or any part thereof to anyone he/she determines whose general health or physical condition renders it unsafe for them to participate;

e)    that any behavior deemed in the trip leader’s sole judgment as unsafe during any portion of the trip’s duration shall result in exclusion from all future MWO events;

f)     that my present state of health and physical condition are sufficient to permit me to safely participate in this trip;

g)    that I have in my immediate possession the types of clothing and equipment specified for the trip by the MWO;

h)    that I can walk up to eight miles to safety in the event of any emergency during the trip; and,.

i)      that I understand weather or other unpredictable circumstances may force me into a longer stay than anticipated at the MWO, and that in such an event, I will cooperate fully with MWO staff and related representatives.


  Thus and with full knowledge, understanding and agreement with the foregoing, I hereby assume all risks and dangers unto myself and hold harmless the Mount Washington Observatory, its officers, trustees, agents, and employees from all actions, causes of actions, suits, and any and all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever, both in law and equity, which I may acquire against the Mount Washington Observatory and/or any of its representative officers, trustees, agents, and employees in connection with any activity. The terms hereof shall be binding on my executors, heirs, administrators, and assigns, and shall serve as an assumption of risk and general release for all members of my family, including any minor children, utilizing facilities or equipment of the Mount Washington Observatory.


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