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Observer Comments

20:35 Mon Oct 05, 2015

First Freeze

Unfortunately this week there were no #MWOMetMonday questions to answer but there are still some interesting things to talk about this week! Much of New England was hit with a decent amount of rain last Tuesday and Wednesday, though trivial compared to the amount South Carolina got over the past several days. Up here on the summit, we picked up over five and a half inches of rain along with some strong winds. The winds were from the east when we had our heaviest rain, which is blowing right at our door to the observation deck which resulted in water getting inside. Luckily we are prepared for that and have gutters inside the tower to collect and drain the water.

After all the rain on Wednesday, we have remained precipitation free but finally got below freezing for the first time this winter season, which is several weeks after the average first freeze. On Saturday, we didn’t even get above the freezing mark for the whole day. We also got our first rime ice of the season as well Friday night. Clouds were passing over the summit for much of the night allowing rime ice to build up to about 3 inches thick on the instrument tower. Due to slow riming through the night, we didn’t have to go out and de-ice any of our equipment. Once the sun came up, the ice quickly melted and fell off of the tower.


Since we have had our first freeze and riming, it had become time to put in the bulletproof windows. Sunday was a nice day and the winds were from the east, away from out windows, it was a perfect time to install the windows because the amount of nice days will become fewer as we delve deeper into our winter season.

Adam Gill, Summit Intern

20:06 Sun Oct 04, 2015

What has happened in the last 110 days?

In the last 110 days, the U.S. Women's soccer team won FIFA’s Women's World Cup, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the U.S. Presidential Election in 2016, the first female graduated from the Army’s Ranger School, and Mount Washington stayed above freezing for 104 days. That’s right, from June 18th, 2015 through September 30th ,2015, Mount Washington did not drop below freezing (32°F). While that isn’t making headlines around the world, it is buzzing around the Mount Washington Observatory. The 104-day streak of above-freezing temperatures was the longest streak of above-freezing temperatures since our records began in 1935. The last time a streak of this magnitude was seen on the summit of Mount Washington was back in 1937 when there was a streak of 102 days above freezing.


Top 10 Longest Streaks Of Above Freezing Temperatures On Mount Washington From 1935-Current

Now that the streak has ended, it seems like winter is coming back to the summit in full force. The last few days’ temperatures have dropped to below-average and the summit saw its first icing event of the fall. With winter right around the corner, the summit crew is undertaking our winter preparations like installing the storm windows and bringing out the winter gear. This way, we'll be ready for winter when it finally does arrive.

Michael Kyle, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

18:10 Fri Oct 02, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin and a Taste of Winter

After a few days of a very challenging forecast with regards to Hurricane Joaquin, the models have finally came into better agreement, and it looks like New England and the east coast will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Nearly all of the models typically used by meteorologists to forecast the weather now have the powerful hurricane turning north from the Bahamas and then passing just west of Bermuda and out to sea. There will still likely be high surf and coastal flooding along the east coast as the storm passes by, but the overall effects that the storm will have on the United States will be far less than how potentially dangerous the storm could have been across major metropolitan areas like Boston, New York, and Washington D.C.

This time of year can have every type of weather we see on the summit, from hurricanes and thunderstorms to full on winter conditions. As of this writing temperatures have fallen to their lowest point so far this year at 23 degrees, with the summit becoming in the clouds and seeing our first rime ice of the season. This is actually a bit late in the season for both of these marks, with mid-late September a more typical time to see the first wintry conditions on the summit. Looking ahead temperatures will climb back towards above freezing readings through the much of the early part of next week, with high pressure nearby allowing for great conditions to view the surrounding fall foliage, just be sure to bundle up!

Tom Padham, Weather Observer/Meteorologist


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