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12:19 Tue Feb 13, 2018

Hold the Brie - Cheesy Valentine's Wishes from the Summit
Back in elementary school, Valentine’s Day kind of had a Christmas vibe to it - decorations, arts and crafts revolving around the holiday, the color red, card exchanges, and candy. For arts and craft time ahead of Valentine's Day, one thing that was big at my school was creating Valentine Boxes. We would bring a tissue box or shoe box a day or two prior to V-Day and decorate the box to reflect our personality and become the receptacle for V-Day cards when the pseudo-holiday arrived. Valentine Day cards would range from the personal homemade variety, to cheddar-tastic pop-culture referenced store bought cards. We would then drop the cards in our classmates little boxes and at the end of the day open all the cards, read way too much into what the various cards meant from crushes at the time, and then become revved up on Valentines candy and sweets prior to be shipped home.
Thinking back on those little cards I used to buy (yea, I wasn’t motivated enough to create my own) for my 15 or so classmates, I got to thinking - what would the cards look like if I had to design them around my current life on and around Mt Washington? I grab a few of my images over the past year and set out to create a few I think work. So, let's open Mt Washington’s hypothetical Valentine Box and see the cards I might have thrown in it...
Mt Washington Valentines Day Card 1
Mt Washington Valentines Day Card 2
Mt Washington Valentines Day Card 3
Mt Washington Valentines Day Card 4
Mt Washington Valentines Day Card 5

Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer/Staff Meteorologist


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